The Hardest Working Man I Ever Met

“Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ overcomes the world and has victory.” -1 John 5:3-5

As some of you know, my grandpa died recently. And while the last few weeks have been difficult for my family, we have peace knowing he rests in God’s eternal care. One of the silver linings of a loved one passing is that you gather with family to share stories about their life. There was one aspect of my Grandpa that was discussed that has had a profound impact on how I understand what it means to be faithful.

My Dad always said that my grandpa was the hardest working person he ever met. But my Grandpa’s Dad died when he was in high school, so my grandpa had to go to work, without a high school diploma, to support his family. Not having a high school degree led my grandpa to take jobs for little pay in which he had no training. Throughout his life he did everything from building houses to selling cars, even though when he started he knew nothing about either. But through hard work, he learned on the job and became successful at what he was doing. My grandma told me about a time when they were at a Christmas party for one of my Grandpa’s carpentry jobs. The boss came up to my Grandma and said, “You know, I knew your husband was no carpenter when I hired him, but he was the hardest working person I ever met, and that meant more to me than all the talent in the world.”My Grandpa would often say about a new job or project, “I have to do something, even if it’s the wrong thing.”

I think that a lot of us are afraid to do the things that God calls us to because we believe we’ll make a mistake. But God does not call us to success, God calls us to faithfulness. Especially faithfulness in the face of failure. My prayer is that I may face new challenges the same way my Grandpa did. Trusting that God is using me as His instrument to do His work in the world, and to not be afraid of the outcome.

Have a blessed Christmas.

In Christ,

Pastor Andy