UPDATE: Haiti Disaster Relief Effort

Life has been rough in Haiti since Hurricane Matthew swept through the southern peninsula. A few days after the hurricane had devastated the area near our home base of Les Cayes, they were bombarded with 4 days of intense rain causing swelling of the rivers, waist deep flooding in the city of Cayes and the complete closure of most of the roads and bridges. The immediate need is to secure and reinforce the buildings that are still standing. As many of you know, the proceeds from October’s Sunday breakfast café were donated to help the Haitians. Thanks to Grace members’ generosity of money and tarps, we were able to cover many homes, churches, schools and orphanages to provide a shelter from the weather. Many homes were demolished and people have been housed in local churches and schools. The next phase will be to start rebuilding the structures. A special gift was sent to Pastor and Mdme Pharyl in Plen Matin to help secure their home which was completely destroyed by the storm as was the cement-block church that we built in Plen Matin. While the initial rain wasn’t too terrible (the heavy rain followed a few days later), the wind on the windward side of the mountain was ferocious. The good news is that all the children housed at our orphanages were safely evacuated before the storm hit. Pastor Pharyl and his family are safe.

Gladys will be returning to the United Sates this month for her annual December visit and we will continue to monitor the situation from here. We will continue to accept donations to help our Haitian friends. You can donate to our Haiti mission through our church or you can contribute online toward recovery efforts of Gladys Mungo’s orphanage at www.haitischildren.org. There is a donate button on the left side of the screen as you scroll about halfway down the home page

Please contact Jon Petersen with any questions. Jonpetersen1307@gmail.com

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