Electronic Giving: Visit the forms page to download an electronic giving form. Offering envelopes are also provided for those that wish to use them.  

Endowment Fund: The Church Council established the Endowment Fund in 2013 to:

  • enhance the benevolent mission of the congregation
  • provide a fund for bequests to the church separate from operation funds
  • provide a structured distribution process of the income of the plan

The principal is invested and the income is distributed to the various missions of the church.  For more information about this fund, contact Susan Dubs or Pastor Andy

Capital Improvements: The Capital Improvements Team identified four projects that adversely affect the safety and security of Grace:

A short term Capital Improvement Campaign began in September of 2017 to address several projects that are too large to include the operating budget.  The work has been divided into the following 4 phases and will be completed as funds are available:

Phase 1 – Rewire outdoor lighting

Phase 2 – Resurface and restripe the upper parking lot  

Phase 3 – Repair / Replace the concrete pads at the front entrances

Phase 4 – Carpet over the Sanctuary tiles  

Phase 1 was completed in the fall and Phases 2 and 3 are scheduled for the spring of 2018 when the weather permits.  

Several concerns have been raised about carpeting the sanctuary.  The Capital Improvements Team is reviewing the issues and researching other options to address the problem.